The hextruffle mini language

I realized today that with the nodes I have, with each being a meaty operation, I could never truly see what Truffle and Graal are capable of. For this reason, I’m implementing a miniature programming language without a parser. All programs are made through a series of invocations of Java constructors for various node classes. I don’t have much time to write about this language today, but it will feature booleans and longs as the only types for now (as well as void operations), as that’s all I need for my first real benchmark, a naive primality tester. As I create more tests and need more advanced nodes, I will make them, but so far I would like to implement a test fairly quickly.

The code, as well as everything else I try, is available at Bitbucket.


One thought on “The hextruffle mini language

  1. I am impressed, will like to see where it goes, would like to try it out. I live and breath Java, two semesters of Data Structures at Siena. You guys better win this year, I am there as judge this year, not advisor.

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